August 20-22


57°19’57.5″N 10°32’01.5″E 

Sail from Skagen to Sæby (August 20):


Upwind sailing – slow sailing because we sailed conservatively. Still getting used to the sails.
Mild & dry.

 We were so happy to arrive the charming harbor town of Sæby! Especially since sailing against the wind is rough on a newby sailor! It was a bit windy on our way in, too, but a kind German pair saw that we were looking for a place to dock & directed us toward a long-side place & offered to tie us up.

Sæby is the epitome of a Danish market town with both idyllic surroundings & gorgeous coastal nature.  It’s a popular holiday destination in the summertime with child-friendly beaches, an old market town, small streets, cosy colorful houses and cobblestone streets. We couldn’t wait to explore the area! 

The harbor itself was charming with its welcoming stone lady statue towering 8 meters over the docks, being one of the first things one notices as one enters the harbor. The colorful wooden harbor office, laundry facilities & toilet houses, restaurants & ice cream kiosks were warm & welcoming. But, the boys were most excited about swimming in the huge waves! Lucky for us, we still had the Indian summer tagging along with us. We took a beautiful hike along the perfectly laid-out coastal trail lined with summer cabins, the boys stopped for a swim and then we took a stroll through the cute streets of Sæby town. 

It was nice to finally experience some nature again. But, it was time to move on. Off to Grenaa, or so we thought…