September 4-6 

53°53’43.9″N 9°08’47.1″E

Day sail from Budelsdorf to Brünsbuttel lock



Mild to cool temps. Sun, clouds, rain.  

We completed the distance of the canal on the 4th, enjoying doing many things at once – sailing, eating, reading, homeschooling & waving to friendly cruise ship passengers along the way.

It was a relaxing transit.

We explored the area of Brünsbuttel a little in order to stretch our legs and get a little shopping done. Always fun to see a new place. The most funny thing we saw was a big white Laborador running alongside the boys in his yard as we passed. He would get blocked by the bushes, so he jumped up to see the boys — following them back and forth…it sure seemed like he needed to play!

We stayed at the Brünsbuttel port for a few days just inside of the southernmost canal locks before setting sail for Germany’s coastline in order to have a better weather window. Plus, we had to time ourselves according to the currents. So, a good morning start after some rest was the way to go – out to the North Sea.  

In retrospect, I am sure glad we did since there was both a lot of navigation & cargo ships to dodge along the way outside of the lock. Both the current & the weather had to be just right.