September 15-16

52°28’27.3″N 5°05’09.4″E

Sail from Lake IJssmelmeer to Lake Markermeer (Sept.15):



Very light wind

Sunny & warm


It was another sunny, warm day with light winds. We started out with our regular sails, but quickly saw our opportunity to finally try out our new Parasailor for downwind sailing.

It’s a huge sail, but the light conditions made us a lot less nervous about hoisting it. And, what a difference it made! It was the smoothest sailing we’ve experienced so far!! And, the great thing about the sail is that it has a wing/vent as a security for letting out gusts of wind that might blow by. We loved it!

We took our time, but made it just in time to a sheltered area of the lake to drop anchor in yet ANOTHER gorgeous sunset! We felt pretty lucky.