September 30 – October 1

48°50’07.6″N 3°05’07.7″W

Night-sail from Cherbourg to Pommelin, France (Sept.29-30):



Fair winds & strong tides

Partly cloudy – and yet ANOTHER photographic sunset!


With the advice of our new friend, we finally felt confident to leave Cherbourg, timing our sail according to the tide around the cape of the Continen and sailing enough nautical miles outside of the island of St Anne to not get caught in any cross-currents. The archipelago of Channel Islands are said to be a must-see stop-over, filled with historical sites & gorgeous landscapes. However, since England has many new cases of Corona and they are possessions of the British Crown, we were not allowed to visit the islands due to Covid-restrictions. We got to view them from a distance, though, and will definitely stop by if we ever pass them again! Gorgeous!

Our overnight sail to the other side of the Jersey Bay went smoothly. Unfortunately, because of needing to leave early for the passing of the cape and timing of the tides, we arrived our destination a little too early and decided to heave-to for a few hours so that we didn’t arrive in the dark. 

Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted when we arrived! We knew just what would do the trick – a chips-party! Couldn’t break the tradition, even though it was morning! It was actually just what we needed!

A perfect sunrise slowly smiled upon us, sillouhetting the rocky, peculiar landscape. The bay we anchored in was also subject to great tidal flows. So, it was very interesting to see the change of the landscape around us hour for hour. Suddenly, there were jagged rocks all around us that were hidden by the sea just a little earlier! With water surrounding us, the boys couldn’t help but take a dip, even though it was only 16 degrees in the water.

We anchored in the bay for just one night due to warnings of intense winds coming in the evening and over the span of a few days. We needed to seek shelter!