October 10-15

48°42’59.8″N 3°57’57.5″W

Overnight sail from Lezardrieux to Roscoff, France (Oct 9-10):



Upwind, 2-3meter waves against us & tides both with & against us



With the news of a weather window approaching the Bay of Biscay and a Norwegian couple heading out from Roscoff a little west of us to cross, we decided we wanted to try to cross it, too, from Lezardrieux. The winds would be against us for the first 30 hrs or so…meaning going against the waves both day & night, but after crossing the tip of France, the winds would be with us for downwind sailing over the Bay of Biscay.

By nightfall, however, ambitions of making a passage across the Bay of Biscay were quickly brushed aside as each and every one of us became seasick in the turbulent waves streaming against us. We came to terms that we would have to make a stop, or two.

The winds were moderate, but they blew against us and made sailing on a close haul very uncomfortable over time. Eivind had not vomitted up until this time. What triggered it was his venture out to the bow of ELANE to change out the StaySail with the StormSail. Heading directly into the wind made the bow of the boat fall and climb a few stories with each passing wave! It was a rollercoaster of a ride, and actually too dangerous for comfort. 

We were forced to go with Plan B as all of us were quickly deteriorating and becoming dehydrated. We decided to heave-to to get a few hours of rest until we could sail into Roscoff Harbor as daylight approached. We made it safely to the beautiful Port of Roscoff at around 10am on Saturday, feeling totally beaten-up and shakey from the unstable ocean. Our WORST passage yet!!

Well, now we know our limits. Next time, we won’t push them that far!

Thankfully, Roscoff was a lovely place for some rest and restoration! It is actually said to be the most British of Brittany’s ports – although, we only experienced personell with lack of English skills…maybe the English-speakers are finished for the season? We (well, mostly I, Liv) enjoyed walking around through this small town of character with it’s attractive, richly decorated houses that once belonged to ship-owners, a church in the flamboyant Gothic style and quaint curb-side shops. 🙂 Luckily for the boys, the city center wasn’t too far from the rugged stoney, sandy coastline! Eivind also took the boys on a few adventuresome walks to explore the boulders on the beach. This was the first time we felt that the Autumn weather finally caught up to us. So, instead of swimming, the boys played on the beach & got inspired to make their own bee-hotel, too! Extracurricular school-work!