Nov 12-13

48°16.756’N 4°35.676’W

Day sail from L’Aber Wrach to Camaret, France (Nov 12):



Wind against us on a close haul, moderate winds


We were thrilled to FINALLY be able to sail again! However, the conditions were not the best. We would have preferred to sail with a beam reach with winds from the side behind, but then we would have had to wait another day. We didn’t want to wait anymore, so we took our chances. 

We had to motor against the wind until we got through the turbulent seas of Chanal de Four, using our main sail as a stabilizer. We were a little early on the timing in relation to the direction of the currents which had a very strange pattern, changing in every which way as it changed in and out every 5hrs. But, we made it through just fine without being drawn towards any rocks. Phew.

After getting through the channel, we could sail. It was nice to make it to the port in daylight, but we just made it! The sun set just after docking the boat. And, we were determined to keep sailing the next day as winds were pretty fair (something we haven’t seen too often around here in Oct/Nov)!

I was determined not to get seasick this time and took a seasick patch which lasts for 72hrs and made it almost the whole way without getting sea sick – but I did, just towards the end. Unfortunately both I and all 3 boys threw up along the way! We definitely needed to grow our sea legs again…