Nov 13-16

47°52.221’N, 3°54.808’W

Day sail from Camaret to Concarneau, France (Nov 13):



Winds were fair & at a good angle, but we needed to motor for half of the time to keep up a good speed.

 Our friends from Oslo had already been at the Port de Concarneau for a few days and offered to meet us at the entrance to the port in their dinghy (just Sergey, that is). We were amazed at how welcoming and nice these people are. It was very helpful, too, since we came in after sunset & it was pretty dark. It was a long passage the day after having been seasick. But, we were really glad we made it to our friends. 

They told us of a restaurant on the harbor that made take-away and that they had great burgers! So, we decided to go for it, as a treat to ourselves after a long day of sailing! That was actually the first time we ordered any food on this trip! And, boy were those hamburgers worth it!

The winds picked up and were at 22knots with gusts of up to 37knots in the harbor on Saturday — they were going to increase to around 30knots with gusts of up to 44knots! Just sitting in the boat was making us feel a little naucious. 

We had invited our new friends over for dinner, but found out later that their boat (catamaran) rocked a lot less then ours, so we changed plans and brought the food over to them instead! Good deal. 

We explored the old fortress which hid a cute little village and stores that lined the cobblestone streets inside. People also had residences inside the fortress. It was cozy & pictueresque. There was only one shop that was open – a gourmet chocoalte shop. Lucky us!  We ended up buying a few bags and the man at the register was so friendly – he even chipped in a free bag of chocolate-covered merengs! 

 The day before we left the winds picked up to around 50knots of gusts and the waves crashed dramatically on the piers and shoreline rocks! This made both I & Eivind a little nervous being that we were going to sail on the next day…actually, it made me (Liv) a lot nervous, also in thinking about the fact that I almost always get seasick if the swells and/or waves are large! However, after looking at the weather report for the next day, our nerves were calmed. It was going to be great sailing conditions and lesser swells! Plus, sunshine! So, I slept well, and was ready for the next sail.